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We are a newly formed community group established in 2014, enabling instrumentalists to get a taste of the pleasure of playing in an orchestra after some years of instrumental studies.  We aim to provide players with exceptional orchestral music instruction and performance opportunities that foster creativity, personal development and social growth.

Regular rehearsals focus on teaching knowledge and skills in a progressive manner throughout the year. The challenges will be suited to the level of the instrumentalist, so opportunities are created for individual growth.  Our musical repertoire consists of works by different composers, presenting easily playable music from the various historical periods such as: renaissance, baroque, Viennese classicism and romanticism among others.

Performances give the musician a chance to showcase the results of their efforts, providing value to the community, and help instill a sense of joy, accomplishment and satisfaction in the hard work contributed by each instrumentalist.

Rehearsals: Saturday afternoons at 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm beginning  Sept. 15, 2015 for 36 weeks/year.

 Responsibilities of each orchestra member:

  • Commitment to attend all rehearsals in time with your instrument, music and music stand.

  • Commitment to play in all regular performances.

  • Commitment to be prepared.

  • Desire to have fun.

The Cricket Chamber Orchestra’s mission is to provide string players and flutists an orchestral music program for all ages. If you have a passion for playing an instrument, eager to learn more about music, enjoy performing, and you want to broaden your musical horizons – then come play with us!