November 3rd, 2018 3:33 am


The second year of our orchestra exchange was very eventful and busy. Everyone was glad to be playing such a wonderful programme together again. The first week was all hard work, but it paid off at the end of the week. The students got to reconnect during the day at the school, and see a bit of the Golden Horseshoe in the evenings after camp. Once again, we got to experience the life of a musician. This year was different than last year because we played pieces that had more interaction with other instruments, such as the zither, which is something new for us. Also, everyone enjoyed all the Hungarian solo performances! At the end of the week, our 3 concerts were very successful. The audience enjoyed them and so did we. We got to travel from Dundas, to North Toronto and back to Hamilton. During the second week, we visited the most famous places in Southern Ontario, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Seeing the reactions of the Hungarian kids when they saw the waterfalls was priceless. We all got to experience the waterfalls from below when we went on the Hornblower Cruise that lead us right up to the bottom of the falls. The next day, Tuesday, we all went to Toronto. We visited the CN Tower and got to see the city from above, and got a tour around Toronto to see all the activities Toronto has to offer. On Thursday, everyone went to Canada’s Wonderland, the theme park in Toronto. Many kids tried our massive roller coasters, the Behemoth and Leviathan, while others relaxed in the water park all day. During these two weeks, all of us Canadians hope that the Hungarians got a true feeling of what it feels like to be a Canadian (or “Hamiltonian”). We tried to expose everyone to our Canadian culture and show how the locals spend their free time. I think everyone loved our famous Tim Hortons iced capps, timbits and coffees.  All throughout the two weeks we would take trips down to the Bayfront in Hamilton to go roller-skating in the evenings. Apparently roller-skating doesn’t exist in Hungary so the kids wanted to get as much roller-skating in as they could in the two weeks. We ended our last evening together at the Bayfront roller-skating and watching the beautiful sunset. All of us here hope that the Hungarians had the best two weeks here in Canada, and we hope to see everyone back here soon!

Composed by Cricket Chamber Orchestra’s Sophia Nikitin

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